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Whether you are in the hunt for a starter home, seeking temporary housing or looking for a place to create lifelong memories, a townhouse could be a smart option. One of the biggest takeaways associated with buying a townhouse is the amount of maintenance and care that the home requires.

Homeownership with less hassle

Townhouses generally don’t require as much upkeep as a single home. Smaller front and backyards and homeowners associations reduce the work required to maintain a townhouse. Move into a townhouse that includes roofing and lawn care in its fees and you could save time and money over the long term.

Some townhouses are located in neighborhoods that have community swimming pools.These community facilities should also be maintained by the HOA. This gives you access to a swimming pool without your having to pay to install an in ground pool or without you having to shell out extra money on a single home that has a pool in the back yard.

Treasure trove of benefits

Location, size, affordability and more opportunities to socialize are other advantages living in a townhouse can bring. Townhouses are often located in urban areas that are within walking distance of stores and businesses. Because of their location, you won’t have a boring social life. In addition to being centrally located, it’s not uncommon to find townhouses on public transportation routes.

Despite whatyou might think, a townhouse isn’t much smaller than a single home. In fact,some townhouses are so large that you won’t ever feel as if you’re sharing awall with a neighbor. Just make sure that you research the neighborhood beforeyou buy a townhouse. It’s better to know that the neighbors are conscientiousbefore you move in than to later find out that you just moved next to a noisy rockband.

On the upside, if you and your neighbors get to know each other, you could easily develop a lifelong friendship. Your neighbors may also look out for your home when you’re out of town.

Because they are attached units, prices on townhouses can be lower than what you may find on single homes in your area. As with any other house, conduct a thorough inspection on each townhouse you’re thinking about buying. Work to build up your credit, if necessary, so that you can get the lowest fixed interest rates on your mortgage.

Townhouses are located throughout much of the United States. If you live on the East Coast, you may hear townhouses referred to as row houses, as East Coast townhouses can be joined for an entire block. In other regions of the country, townhouses only connect two homes. The townhouses in places like New York and Boston are elegant. They are large enough to easily accommodate a family of five.

To gain more privacy, consider installing a fence around your front and back yards. Your front porch should be large enough to hang potted flowers and plants on. You should also have enough front porch room to place a porch swing and a chair on. Another plus, is a side driveway.